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B Star loves and lives digitally every day. Their service is personal and brings you many years of knowledge and experience from the digital and social media industries. Led by digital marketing expert, Britnie Harris, B Star branding provides businesses, brands and influencers with highly personalized social media consulting, management and content marketing services. Taking you hand in hand and guiding you to the next level, B Star Branding offers personalized services via a small passionate team brimming with 10 years of experience and creativity. They have mastered the digital marketing arena and will Take Your Personal Brand to the NEXT LEVEL.

Britnie harris

Britnie has been in the personal development industry for over 20 years. The last 5 years have been spent helping artists develop their online personal brand. Over the last 5 years, she has been identified the key factors that make a online personal brand successful and stand out in the noisy online space, along with identifying the mistakes that are keeping most people stuck and spinning their wheels just to keep up with content creation.


Personal Brand Building Course

Our 4 Week one on one personal brand building course consists of:

1. what is your personal brand?

A huge part of setting the foundation for your brand is getting crystal clear on who you are and what you stand for.

2. Defining your follower

Defining your ideal follower will help you zoom in on what to post on your socials, so you feel more confident & comfortable when sharing on social media.

3. Brand, Image and Wardrobe

We live in a thumb-nail glancing world. People are making snap judgments and decisions based on tiny photos. It is REALLY important when you are online to represent your brand's message immediately with a strong first impression!

4. Refining & Evolving Your Brand

Look deeper into the understanding of your ever-evolving personal brand and your social media presence.

Monetizing Social Media & Pitching Brands Course

Our 4 Week one on one Monetizing your social media and pitching brands course consists of:

1. Purpose of Pitch

It is important to connect your values to your pitch. In this session, we teach pitching and catching strategies using your image, values, and personal brand.

2. Prepping your pitches

making a list of brands you plan on pitching to, defining your elevator pitch, how to use it in your pitches, finding contacts, and collaboration opportunities.

3. Pitching Principles

Pitches that captivate and convert, whom to pitch to, when to pitch, when to pass, and what to charge.

4. Pitch Practices

Attention-grabbing subject lines, negotiation strategy, how to turn a free offer into a paid offer.

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